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Karl, Raul and the Camera Guy at the Super Bowl (1/24/03) 1/24/2003
photo: A. Fells

The Birthday Boys celebrate in Las Vegas, NV (9/28/02) 9/28/2002
photo: A. Fells

Jeff Beck & Karl Perazzo backstage at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX (6/6/04) 6/6/2004
photo: A. Fells

Carlos Neal Mexico City 3/27/2015
photo: Photo Credit Chad Tasky

Band in flight (6/26/08) 6/26/2008
photo: Gary Rashid

Karl gets his groove on in Stockholm Sweeden (5/2/06) 5/2/2006
photo: Hal Miller

Benny in Horsens, Denmark (5/4/06) 5/4/2006
photo: Hal Miller

A Production Meeting in Knoxville, TN TN 9/29/2000
photo: Adam