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Crew member at the Pyramids in Mexico City 1/1/1900
photo: Hal Miller

Aaron Neville sits in! 11/15/2000
photo: Adam

Andy sings his heart out in Orlando, FL (4/29/08) 4/29/2008
photo: Hal Miller

Alex Band and Carlos on Good Morning America (6/20/03) 6/20/2003
photo: A. Fells

CT in Birmingham, UK (6/21/08) 6/20/2008
photo: Gary Rashid

Carlos, Alex & Fher in Mexico (12/3/99) 9/29/2000
photo: Adam

Giovanni Hidalgo, Karl & Raul in Orlando, FL 9/29/2000
photo: Adam

Carlos - 04/08/2005 4/8/2005